Context-Free Tutorial

What is Context-Free?

Context-Free is a tool used to generate beautiful, intricate pieces of art using a simple set of instructions given to your computer. It is open-source, and comes precompiled for windows and macintosh. It supports a community of artists having fun with computers.

The tutorials on this page do not have pictures, insert the code yourself to experience not only what it looks like, but how it draws. This is a key factor to learning Context-Free :) .

  1. The basics: shapes, sizes, shades, and straight lines
  2. Getting to know curves/Branching out: techniques to make your CDFGs more intense
  3. Adding color
  4. Advanced techniques

This tutorial uses longhand for modifiers. The shorthand versions below can replace the more clear versions in the tutorials:
x,y, and hue are all the same, no shorthand. Not sure about alpha, and I am too lazy to check.